IPS Workbook Cover

Intentional Peer Support: An Alternative Approach – First Chapter  

The first chapter of this innovative workbook and curriculum is now available for free HERE.  The full book can be ordered through our Bookstore.



CoReflection Guide CoverCo-Reflection Guide  

Co-Reflection is a vital practice where people come together to reflect upon the IPS tasks and principles in their relationships.  Taken from Intentional Peer Support: An Alternative Approach, the Co-Reflection Guide is now available for free HERE.



Sheri-MeadArticles by Shery Mead

IPS: A Personal Retrospective

Defining Peer Support

Crisis and Connection

Peer Support: What Makes It Unique?

Shared Risk: Redefining Safety

Sustaining Intentional Peer Support in Crisis Alternatives

Peer Support as a Socio-Political Response to Trauma and Abuse

Intentional Peer Support as Social Change

Rights, Research, and Liberation

Crisis as an Opportunity for Growth and Change

Peer Support: A Systemic Approach

Peer Support: A Theoretical Perspective

Discovering the Fidelity Standards of Peer Support in an Ethnographic Evaluation

What Recovery Means To Us